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Gifted and Talented

Last Updated: 3/28/2020 1:01 AM


The Gifted Specialists and the Department of College and Career Readiness are enthusiastic about working with the identified gifted students (and their parents) in the Cuyahoga Falls City Schools. 

In the Cuyahoga Falls City Schools' Mission Statement “EACH student” includes each gifted student who needs to and has the right to learn along with all of our children, even when the gifted student's skills, abilities, interests, knowledge, and thought processes are already more complex than expectations of the standard curriculum or of their classmates.


If you suspect that your child may be gifted in one or more areas, we invite you to contact your child's school principal to discuss more about the referral and identification process.


The goal of your Gifted Team of trained specialists and leadership is to work with teachers, parents, community members, administration, and staff to provide opportunities for these children to maximize their learning experiences in the Cuyahoga Falls Schools, and to provide resources to encourage these children in this journey!   


District Coordinator of Gifted Services: Dr. Rachael L. Seifert:   

Gifted Intervention Instructional Specialist :  Julie Leeson: 

Middle School Gifted Intervention Specialists:

Bolich Middle School
Debi Hackley:     Enriched 6th Grade English Language Arts  
Melanie Wilkins:    Enriched 7th Grade English Language Arts;                                                                                                                      Honors 9th Grade English Language Arts                     
Roberts Middle School
Courtney Rubino:    
Enriched 6th and 7th Grade English Language Arts; 
                                                              Honors 9th Grade English Language Arts