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Building Information

Arrival - 8:30 AM

Warning Bell - 8:30

Start Time 8:45 AM - Tardy Bell 

Dismissal Bell - 3:20 PM Monday through Thursday

Early Release Friday Dismissal - 2:25 PM 

Students who arrive at 8:45 AM or later must use the parking lot door and ring the doorbell.  A staff member will help the child enter the building.  

Students should bring a reusable water bottle labeled with his/her name.  Drinking fountains will not be available this year due to COVID restrictions.  

Breakfast - As students enter the building at their assigned doors, they will pick up a grab and go breakfast (plus milk) and then eat in their classrooms.  

Lunch - Students eat lunch in the cafeteria with assigned seats and safe social distancing.  

Recess - Students receive a scheduled grade level recess throughout the day that is not a part of the lunch schedule.  

Tiger Time - Students receive a 20-30 time for intervention and enrichment each day.

ELA and Social Studies Block - Students receive up to 120 minutes daily of a English Language Arts block and integrated Social Studies.

Math and Science Block - Students receive up to 90 minutes for math daily and a 30 minute Science block.  

Specials - Students have a rotation of unified arts programming consisting of Art, Music, and Physical Education.  

Students in grades K-3 are self-contained meaning that they have one teacher for all subject areas.  Students in grades 4 and 5 are taught by a team of two teachers throughout the day.

Lincoln Elementary School also provides services for students with disabilities, Title I reading services for grades K-2, and English Learning services.