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Elementary Schools Send Letters of Love/Friendship to Seniors

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In February, several Cuyahoga Falls elementary schools shared their love and friendship to seniors at local assisted living communities. They did this by creating cards and letters to residents, designed to brighten their day. “The 5th grade ELA students at Richardson Elementary wrote letters of encouragement and made cards for the residents of Danbury of Cuyahoga Falls,” explained Janet Rhodes, 5th grade ELA. “They shared positive messages with members of our community who have had very limited, if any contact with family and friends due to the pandemic.”

Picture 1“This activity reinforced and allowed students to apply the skills of written communication and empathy,” Rhodes added. “Students were able to practice writing skills and apply social emotional skills, by reaching out in a positive way to people they do not know but who have a commonality, all being residents of the Cuyahoga Falls community.”

“Through this activity, students were able to make personal connections, as some have family members who are in assisted living.  Students were also able to share and reflect on the emotional impact they have felt during this time by writing in a reflection journal. This created an opportunity for students to speak about their experiences in a safe environment.”

“Thank you for the wonderful cards and letters,” said Bob Pontius, Community Relations at Danbury. “Our folks just light up at anything from kids. In fact, a few retired teachers really appreciated their cards and mentioned they would have done the same thing in their classrooms. One gentleman mentioned he is glad to see kids sending actual cards and not texting or “Facebooking.” For folks who live at Danbury, an empty mailbox can mean an empty and lonely day. But these cards prove that “friendship and love” can transcend age gaps- we can’t wait to see what’s next!”

“We believe our commUNITY is at the heart of what we do. That being said, we embrace opportunities to connect students with diverse populations,” said Julie Hall, Richardson Elementary principal. “The COVID pandemic has made human interaction challenging for all. There could not be a better time for our students to write personal letters to the residents at Danbury. By doing so, we are creating invaluable experiences for all.”

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