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Business & Operations

Joseph Bagatti
Director of Business and Operations

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General Information:

The school district owns and operates nine school buildings.  Six are K-5 elementary schools, two are grades 6 – 8 middle schools, and we have one high school.  These nine buildings contain roughly 750,000 square feet of classroom, office, and gymnasium spaces.  We also have one school building that is leased to Schnee Learning Center and the Summit ESC. This building contains an additional ~40,000 square feet of space.  The district also has an operations/bus garage and warehouse.   In all, the district consists of more than 151 acres of land and in excess of 800,000 square feet of building space. Our classified staff consists of secretarial, maintenance, custodial, cleaners, bus drivers, monitors, mechanics, and food service workers.  These team members work anywhere from 1 to 8 hours per day, and many work the school year calendar.


Noteworthy News:

Boiler Replacements at Preston and Elizabeth Price Elementary Schools

Recently, the district replaced the boilers at Preston Elementary and Elizabeth Price Elementary. The total cost of the boilers (2) was $479,850. 

Photos of boilers at Preston and Elizabeth Price

Bolich Middle School Track Repair and Restripe
Repair and Restripe:  Eight Lane Track / Two (2) Long Jump Runways / High Jump D-Area
1.)    Clean existing surface of loose debris to properly prepare surface using a high-volume blower.
2.)    Pressure wash areas as needed with a contractor grade 3,500 psi pressure washer and a specialized 24" wide flat surface cleaning attachment.
3.)    Repair track oval, runways and high jump area as needed (crack filling, patching areas and full depth replacement). Repair is made using either a polyurethane or UV protected latex mixture and black rubber granule and strands. Overall depth of repair determines the material.

Restripe: Install all markings to match existing striping design/layout.  Marking to meet current requirements of the NFSHSA and will be OHSAA track certified by a certified engineer.  Paint and material used is compatible with our track.

Total cost of repair and restripe = $13,000.


Roof Projects Upgrade District Facilities

Recently, the district completed several significant roof upgrades, including:

Preston Elementary:

A thermal scan was completed, discovering that roof Sections A and B were saturated with water. The existing roof had two roofs that had to be completely removed to the concrete deck. New insulation, perimeter metal and a 2-ply roof system in hot asphalt were installed. The district received a 30-year no-dollar limit warranty on this roof.

Richardson Elementary:

A thermal scan of section A was completed and found that minimal moisture was present in the roof system (allowing it to be a candidate for restoration and not have to be completely removed). The gravel was vacuumed off the roof, and wet insulation was removed. New insulation was installed to match the existing roof, and all perimeter flashing were reinforced. Finally, the roof was primed, with a restoration coating applied and new gravel blown in place.

Price Elementary:

A scan showed that a small section (4,300 square feet) of the roof was 80% wet and needed to be torn off and replaced. New insulation and 2-ply roof system was installed in hot asphalt. All new edge metal was installed and a 30-year no-dollar warranty was issued. 

Schnee Learning Center:

Three feet of wet insulation on each side of each sawtooth valley was removed down to the concrete deck and replaced with new insulation. Then, a new membrane was installed over the insulation. Also, new drain inserts were installed in the area. The old cap and flashing from the old expansion joint were removed and replaced with new. Finally, a 20x15 wet section of the roof was removed, replaced and resealed.