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Department of Curriculum and Instruction

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Our Pathway to Success Model
We have identified a series of "milestones" associated with a "Pathway to Success" for determining and tracking the successful ascent of students up the educational continuum over the course of their academic careers.  This pathway will assist us in communicating progress and common expectations with students, parents, community, and among each other.  Within this framework, we, along with our District Leadership Team, will develop strategic initiatives and action steps that will support defined learning targets.
"Pathway to Success Milestones"
1. Prepared for Kindergarten Curriculum
2. Reading to learn at the end of 3rd Grade
3. Prepared for Middle School at the end of 5th Grade
4. Prepared for High School at the end of 8th Grade
5. On track to graduate at the end of 9th Grade
6. Ready for College & Career Success at the end of 11th Grade
7. Graduating from High School in 4 years
8. Career, College, or Technical School Enrollment


The Department of Curriculum and Instruction coordinates the curriculum, instruction, assessment, and professional development for the district. 
The Department of Curriculum and Instruction is responsible for the development of curriculum, best practices in instruction, and professional development for staff.  It is also home to curriculum resources, student assessment and testing, Instructional Technology, Special Education, Pupil Services, Gifted and Talented programming, Title I programming, English Learners programming, Career Technical Education and Media/Library services. 
Department of Curriculum and Instruction:
Dr. Amy Cruse, Director of Curriculum and Instruction

Julie Dudones, Coordinator of 6-12+ Curriculum and Instruction 

Dr. Rachael L. Seifert, Coordinator of K-5 Curriculum and Instruction & Coordinator of K-12 Gifted Services

Courtney Lewis, Coordinator of English Learners Program

Craig Wargowsky, Coordinator of Career Technical Education 

Christine Shaw, Student Services Specialist

Cameron Lazar, Coordinator of Exceptional Students

Jessica Michalec, Special Education Coordinator

Holly Merkle, Coordinator of Wellness and Success