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CFHS Goals

2019-2010 Cuyahoga Falls High School Goals

Quarter 2 Update


Goal #1 - Student Success

During the 2019-2020 school year, each student at Cuyahoga Falls High School will be provided with an opportunity to demonstrate oral and written communication skills each semester through whole cohort experiences.


Black Tiger Pride Strategic Plan 2019-2024 Relation

Directly related to district goal under Focus Area #1 (Student Success) strategic objective 2 that encourages the district to embed oral and written communication skills within all subjects to improve student performance with the specific goal “During the 2019-2020 school year, the district will strengthen communication skills among all students by expanding opportunities for students to demonstrate their oral and written skills.” One of the district’s action steps notes that all Building Leadership Teams will devise a plan to address this goal. The action steps related to the building goal will specifically be developed by the BLT subcommittee. 


Quarter 1 Update

  • BLT developed building goal and subsequent action steps to address the goal at 8/21 and 9/11 meetings. In addition, administration and BLT created a budget utilizing high school support funds, grants, and donations in order to allocate monies specifically earmarked for authentic learning experiences that embed written and oral communication.

  • Whole staff meeting presentation briefly introduced goal and potential action steps.

  • The “Student Success Subcommittee” meeting’s purpose is to create the application process for teachers to secure permission for authentic learning experiences from the BLT based on embedding our building and district goals with specific focus on written and oral communication. This will also include addressing career clusters with specific emphasis on AMD, HPS, HW, and E2 in order to link our goal and career and college readiness with various interests of our students. The meeting date is October 21st. 


Quarter 2 Update

  • This link has been created by the Student Success subcommittee in order to begin the process of tracking our authentic learning experiences. It will allow us to determine what opportunities are provided on a yearly basis, which dens and career clusters we are addressing or not addressing, which grade level students are being provided these opportunities, and the monies allocated in order to fund these. 

  • In addition, a portion of the form demands that ALL authentic learning opportunities embed an oral or written component emphasized in this goal. The subcommittee met with the entire high school staff to present this new process which will include bi-monthly meetings in order to review and potentially approve these requests. 

  • Our next quarterly update will provide all of this information and the data needed to determine the success level thus far pertaining to the goal as we will also use our committee time to analyze quarter one and quarter two oral and written communication through authentic learning experiences by completing these forms retroactively.


Goal #2 Culture of Caring

During the 2019-2020 school year, Cuyahoga Falls High School will host a “signing day” that will celebrate our students that have committed to one of the three E’s including Enrolled, Employed, or Enlisted.


Black Tiger Pride Strategic Plan 2019-2024 Relation

Directly related to district goal under Focus Area #2 (Culture of Caring) strategic objective 2 encouraging buildings to “Celebrate successes of all staff and students.” One of the recommended actions under 2.1 is to publicly recognize and celebrate student and staff successes. The action steps related to the 3 E’s Signing Day focus on preparing all seniors for their “next steps.”

Quarter 1 Update

  • Members of the BLT attended the quarterly Summit Education Initiative Ready High School Network on September 26. This meeting and the subsequent ones provide data that is useful for us in determining benchmarks for our students. Specifically, the 3Es has been adopted from our participation in this network over the years and resources will be beneficial in addressing our goal.

  • To date, whole group and individual senior meetings addressing graduation requirements and opportunities reflecting the E3 goal include:

    • Senior Naviance Lesson (College Visits and Applications) occurred during Tiger Time on September 9th led by our school counseling department. 

    • Individual Senior meetings are being held with school counselors. To date, approximately 60% of cohort 2020 are already completed with a goal of 100% by mid November.

    • During the first quarter, 37 college visits to CFHS were open to senior students  who register utilizing the Naviance program. This feature of Naviance is being used for the first time this school year resulting in a greater participation rate.

    • A visit to Kent State University organized by the school counseling department took place and 39 seniors participated.

    • College Night occurred the evening of October 9th where Kent State University presented to 61 students and 11 colleges and universities participated at the college fair that occurred immediately after the meeting.

    • 21 seniors participated in the administration of the ASVAB on October 16th. The military visits occur during lunches one time every month.

  • School counselors have developed a tracking system to highlight cohort 2020 future plans.

  • The Culture of Caring subcommittee has reached out to other districts that have implemented an E3 recognition program in order to create this program. This will occur at the end of the 2019-2020 school year and recognition throughout the year will take place through our Black Tiger Pride district initiative. 


Quarter 2 Update

  • January 7th, January 9th, and January 10th we invited in 5 local manufacturer’s to talk to our students about the possibility of obtaining employment at their factories both now and in the future.  Landmark Plastic told the students that they would reserve 1 full time position for a CFHS graduate as long as they apply in the next three weeks.

  • The week of January 13th is our Union week.  We have invited local unions to send their reps to discuss possibilities of careers in their fields.  This would include internships, apprenticeships, etc. That schedule is as follows:

Monday, Jan. 13


  1. Plumbers and Pipe Fitters (Greg McMillen)

  2. Akron Area Electrical JATC (Martin Helms) 

  3. Intern’l Assoc. of Heat & Frost Insulators & Allied Workers #84 (Todd Miller)


Tuesday, Jan. 14


  1. Laborers’ International Union Local 894 (Beth Stout)

  2. International Union of Operating Engineers #18 (Manny Gutierrez)

  3. International Union of Painters & Allied Trades District Council No. 6 (George Boots) 


Thursday, Jan 16


  1. International Chemical Workers Unions (Frank Cyphers)

  2. Roofers #88(Barb Dixon)

  3. United Association’s Sprinkler Fitters Local 669 (Sean Murphy


Friday, Jan. 17


  1. Iron Workers #17 Apprenticeship and Training Center (Brian Murray)

  2. Northeast Ohio Carpenters JATC (Dan Sustin)

  3. Northern Ohio Regional Training Center-Bricklayers (Noah Carmichael/Tammy Tansey) 


  • On Friday, January 24th we are hosting our “Military Day”.  The following branches and recruiters will be here:


  1. United States Army/ Staff Sergeant Kyle Gosselin

  • Ohio Army National Guard/ Career Counselor Richard L. Gilliam

  • United States Air Force/ Staff Sergeant Patrick O. Trently

  • United States Navy/ Petty Officer Jernigan

  • United States Marines/ 

  • United States Coast Guard/ Austin Hunt


  • We are also planning a follow up “Authentic Learning Experience” that will allow interested students to visit any of the companies and/or branches that they are interested in.


Goal #3 Resource Leveraging

By the end of the 2019-2020 school year, each department at Cuyahoga Falls High School will submit a minimum of one grant. 


Black Tiger Pride Strategic Plan 2019-2024 Relation

Directly related to district goal under Focus Area #4 (Resource Leveraging) strategic objective 3 – identify and support additional revenue strategies and recommended action 3.3 that seeks to increase the amount of outside revenues with the goal “Through June 2020, the district will offer one Early Release Wednesday per month to give staff an opportunity for researching and training on grant opportunities and application processes.


Quarter 1 Update

  • Resource Leveraging subcommittee has developed a share drive for teachers to access reflecting various grant opportunities for the upcoming school year.

  • Team of teachers attended the GAR Foundation Reception on October 3rd providing recognition for their efforts in obtaining these funds, inspiration for future grants, and ideas to bring back to the entire staff for the current year. 


Quarter 2 Update


  • Survey created for the staff. (Grants) data in this spreadsheet, we see that 66% of our staff who responded to the survey have written grants, of those 66%, 76% received their grants (yay!). Respondents reported a total of $269,000 in grant funds but there might be multiple people reporting the same grant. The most common words in the long responses were requests for time, support, a workshop, and ideas. 


  • Something we found that may be beneficial to our cause is a grant 101 and 102 grant writing workshop put on by the Ohio EPA. They are open to hosting the workshop in your area by request and it will seat up to 30 teachers per session. Each are a half day and can be combined into one full day. We  made contact with the appropriate individual and will forward his response to all of you for input.